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4 parts, flexible (equal, or any combination of S, A, T, or B)

Optional guitar or other instruments

Lyrics: Stacey Philipps

Duration: 1:40 and up, flexible (repeated round)

Difficulty: Moderate (GIA level 3)


It's good to say aloud what you're grateful for, especially during and after difficult times. The high school singers of the Oregon Repertory Singers Youth Choir inspired an introspective, personal, and very Oregon set of lyrics (it's the first time I've had slugs in a song!) in reflecting on highlights of the changing fall season and what remains steadfast and comforting in life.


This song is included in the book of Gathering Rounds.


SKU: SP181
  • Your score will be delivered immediately by email as print-ready 8.5"x11" PDFs licensed for the number of performers in your ensemble. Thank you for purchasing the correct number of scores, so we can mutually support each other's music-making. All sales final.

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