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Voicing/Instrumentation: piano solo

Duration: 1:00

Difficulty: Moderate


This emotionally conflicted little piece was composed during the COVID-19 pandemic for the Art of the Virus social composing project. The project was conceived by Hungarian composer Kornél Fekete-Kovács and began with his melody of nine notes intentionally devoid of any rhythmic, tonal, or harmonic context. He sent the melody to ten composers who each created a "mutation" of this nine-note melody by harmonizing the original melody, altering one of the nine notes, and then passing on this new "mutated" nine-note motif to two more composers to repeat the process. Like a replicating, mutating virus, the nine notes changed each time it passed through a composer's hands. See more details and hear the viral variations on the Art of Virus project at

I have mixed feelings

SKU: SP163
  • Your score will be delivered immediately by email as a print-ready 8.5"x11" PDF licensed for one solo pianist. Thank you for purchasing the correct number of scores, so we can mutually support each other's music-making. All sales final.

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