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Here's a little song setting the words of a seven-year-old, Hilda Conkling, who runs the gamut of earnest emotions and energy taking delight in a butterfly, discovered and exclaimed over as daylight fades into dusk. It's a joyous reminder to live in the moment, say everything you mean, and revel in our relationship with the beauty and fragility of the world.


I like the way you wear your wings.
Show me their colors,
For the light is going.
Spread out their edges of gold,
Before the Sandman puts me to sleep
And evening murmurs by.


Conkling, Hilda. "Butterfly." Poetry Magazine, July 1918, p. 30.


Hilda's words were published during a brief lull of the devastating Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918-1919. This music was written during the COVID-19 pandemic in March, 2020. The cover photo was taken by the composer's daughter when she was nine years old and also enamored with butterflies.

In the Moment (solo soprano & piano)

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