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SSAATTBB a cappella

Lyrics from traditional German hymn; Theodore Baker, trans.

Duration: ca. 4:45

Commissioned and premiered by Choral Arts Initiative for the Premiere Project Festival


This gorgeous, hopeful text of old still illuminates the wonder and joy of the winter season. This setting makes much of looking – "lo" – at the simple mystery and miracle of life and beauty in the midst of our complex human experience (and harmonies) with the final rising repetition of everyone's cacophonous load (lo!) being gloriously lightened and ultimately simplified.

Lo, how a Rose e'er blooming from tender stem hath sprung!
Of Jesse's lineage coming, as men of old have sung.
It came, a floweret bright, amid the cold of winter,
When half spent was the night.

Isaiah 'twas foretold it, the Rose I have in mind;
Mary we behold it, the Virgin Mother kind.
To show God's love aright, she bore to us a Savior,
When half spent was the night.

This Flower, whose fragrance tender with sweetness fills the air,
Dispels with glorious splendor the darkness everywhere;
True man, yet very God, from sin and death He saves us,
And lightens every load.

Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming

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