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SATBB a cappella
Lyrics by Solomon J. D. Fendell
Duration: ca. 4:30

Virtual performance by Radiance


Solomon Fendell’s simple, alliterative poem inspired a musical setting exploring the beauty and expressivity of harmony, dissonance, and meaning in each word. Tonal centers shift throughout and focus on phrases to the point of abstraction, meditating on the general theme of love, its myopic nature, its intensity, its fragility, its capriciousness, and its evanescence.


Love lasts like a lily,
Tender on Time’s trail;
Breathing burning beauty,
Fragrant, fine, and frail.

Love Tender Breathing Fragrant

SKU: SP135
  • Your score will be delivered immediately by email as a print-ready 8.5"x11" PDF licensed for the number of singers in your ensemble. Thank you for purchasing the correct number of scores, so we can mutually support each other's music-making. All sales final.

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